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How to start a dropshipping . Find easily profitable product for your dropshipping.

 Hello, so you are searching for what is dropshipping how you can start then you are in right place. Here we will discuss.

1. what is dropshipping.

2.How dropshipping works

3.Where to find dropshipping products.

4.Can be dropshipping be profitable

5.How much dropshipping makes money

6.Can dropship make you rich

7.Why dropshipping fails

8.How dropshipping works in Shopify

                 What is dropshipping?


If you are thinking about launching your dropshipping business in 2021 but want to learn first what is dropshipping. Well, Dropshipping is a business model where some company, usually one without a retail location, purchases items from manufacturers and then sell them on their own websites at below normal price. What makes drop shipping different from traditional major players like Amazon or eBay is that the retailer doesn't actually store the products in inventory. 

This allows much more flexibility as to when changes are made to products but increase the risk of failure as well. Hiring staff members and carrying unwanted inventory is not necessary for these companies because they have no physical location to maintain. The business will typically charge a commission fee or percentage of sales so that they make money off the goods being sold rather than just making a profit off of sales themselves.

You don't need to order inventory or fulfil those orders, all those orders will be fulfilled by third parties.

If you are thinking to open your dropshipping online stores that is a great idea. why because you don't have to open a brick and mortar, pay overhead. You just open a store and start selling. You can buy products from dropshipping suppliers. Who already have warehouses and products. 

Which is good. In the past, if you want to start a new business. You have to make a factory, hiring people, pay salaries, rent, and more. That why this dropshipping business model is best for everyone. Who is interested in opening their dropshipping business.

In dropshipping, you are the middleman promoting other company products. If you find good products. You can make a good profit margin from your dropshipping store.

You may be seen on youtube or reading blogs, many people are talking about running their successful dropshipping business. Which requires less hassle and money. Maybe after watching some videos, you are interested in this business, the good news is with dropshipping you can build an online business for the long term right from your home.

Every business will have advances and disadvantages.

                          Advances in dropshipping

To get the start you don't need to be an eCommerce business expert. You can take some time to learn the basics, rest you will learn quickly as you go along. To get started to don't need any warehouse or team. You don't need to worry about stocking or shipping.

But to get the start you need some knowledge about the right tools and resources. which you can found free in Oberlo, they provide free education about how to start a dropshipping store you don't have to pay. You can watch their YouTube or blog plus now they have a new course about dropshipping. Which is completely free.

                       You don't need high investments 

To start a dropshipping. You don't need to invest huge money, you can start with minimal funds. You can build your whole eCommerce business from your home laptop. Even when your business grows, your cost will be low compared to other traditional businesses. In traditional business. When you grow your business, you need a large factory, hiring people, investment. it is low- risk business model compares to other business.

                               It is flexible

The biggest benefit of owning a store is you are your own boss and set your own rules which are awesome. You don't need to rush in traffic to go to your boss's office.

                                    It is easily manageable

You can easily manage it once you found good dropshipping suppliers.

                    Disadvantages in dropshipping

It has a slim margin: At first, you may earn a small margin. Why it depends on niches. Like if you are dropshipping super hard competitive niches. You are in competition with other big marketers both you want to sell the same things. It can raise your ad budget. That means your profit will be low margins.  But if you research and choose good low competition niches then you can be profitable. As time pass you can see your sale is dropping. It is because of low demand or other competition that came to your niches. That why many dropshippers wants to sell more to be profitable while there is low competition.

                                Customer service is difficult 

This is the biggest problem in dropshipping is customer service. If there is any problem with orders and suppliers you cannot do anything because you are just the middleman. If there is anything wrong with the product customer blames you. ya.

                                 You have little control.  

The disadvances in dropshipping you cannot control all like stocking products, order fulfilment, and shipping. You have to rely on your suppliers to do everything right. But there is some problem with suppliers it can be tricky.

                           High-level competitions.

Dropshipping is best if you want to make money that why many like you minded are doing dropshipping. But it doesn't mean you cannot make and run your own eCommerce business, for that you have to search for good niches products and you are ready to crush your competitors like a champ.

                     Can dropshipping be profitable? 

So drop shipping can be profitable. The answer is yes and no. It all depends is your niches, marketing. If you found lower niches products and market correctly you can be profitable. But if you try to market any products you can see online then it can be hard to make any profit from your store. That why before promoting any products you have to research and find low competition but high demand on the market.

                              Side hustle

Let's say you want to do dropshipping but you don't have time. It is wrong you can do drop shipping after coming home from your office, Many people who are doing dropshipping have a day job. They do in free time in the home, who don't like extra cash which can support the family.


Dropshipping is flexible. Which is the beauty of this business. You can do part-time and full-time as you like. Which is not possible in other kinds of businesses. Many drop shippers are doing part-time but when they think it can be more profitable than this. They give it full time for their dropshipping business. 

                          Is dropshipping is dead

Well, it depends upon who you ask. Some may say yes. It is already dead and some fella says no. Let's understand. To succeed in the dropshipping field, you have to find unique and low competition products. which are not easily found in your supermarket. If it is difficult to find and it can help in their daily life they will buy from you. 

You cannot get success in dropshipping marketing any products. Which you find it online because those products are already sold by many of your big or small competitors. Once you found good products you have to market them smartly. For that, you can use different kinds of app or advertiser platforms like youtube, google. Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

                  Can dropshipping make you rich?

IT depends on you. If you work smart and hard than others then surely you will be. But if you are hoping to earn money with less work then. This business is not for you.

                             Is dropshipping legal

100% yes. It is legal. If it is not legal. How many people are selling products and making money?

                 Will dropshipping be profitable in 2021.

Yes, if you spent your time search for good products, make good ads for your products, and better marketing than your competitors. Then you will succeed not only in 2021 for many years to come.

             How to make dropshipping video ads

Yes nowadays video ads outperform picture ads why well in the video your customers can clearly see about your products and if they like, they buy from you. That is easy. Making video ads for your products shouldn't be hard.

There is some cool software that can help you to make good video ads in a few minutes.

              Here are Some Dropshipping niches ideas.

You want to start dropshipping. But don't know where to start well you can try google trend. There you can find which products are trending or not. You can try trending products in your store. Here are a few products ideas you can try in your store:
1.Funny coffee mug
2.Inexpensive watch
3.bags, mugs,
4.Fish toy etc

                      Where to find dropshipping products.

So you are starting your dropshipping business and wants to find which suppliers are the best for your business. Well look no further but first, to get success in this field you have to find low competition products so you can get high margins. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to find a good product for your store. That why many people who start their own dropshipping business give up fast trying only a few products. But you don't give up.
Sell the trend

You have to work smart and harder than others. At last, you will succeed. If you are looking which is the perfect software to find profitable products for your store. Well, there are many tools, which can help you to find profitable products for your eCommerce business. Here are some suppliers like Salehoo, Spocket, sell the trend, you can try out. Sell the trend. Which allows you to find the most profitable products for your eCommerce store with the power of A.I. But my favourite is  Spocket.✌

Salehoo started in 2005 based in New Zealand and has more than 137,000 customers. Who are using it to grow their businesses. It helps you by finding the most trustworthy and low-cost suppliers. So you can take profit from your dropshipping store. It is worth checking out. If you are not getting good results plus they also give you training about how to research good products and suppliers.👌

Spocket can help you to find winning products with few searches. It helps you to find a good dropshipping supplier with fast shipping. Mostly here suppliers are based in the USA and Europe. It means fast shipping so you don't have to depend on epacket for fast shipping. Which is very important to grow your business. Spocket can help you to crush your competitors like this. Till now 60,000 dropshipping people are using it to grow their dropshipping business.👇

If you don't want to open your eCommerce store with Shopify then don't worry spocket can easily connect with the following platform"







7.Felex etc

With Spocket, you can add any products in your eCommerce stores like footwear, gifts, jewelry, and watches. men's clothing, women's clothing, sports and outdoor, tech access, and many more.

Here you see here he earns more than $178,49293.Like him. Many others are using this tool to find the best-selling products which save time and money. So if you are planning to start your dropshipping business. Then this can help you to move fast by finding profitable niche products.

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