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Top 18 SEO tool which is free.which can help you rank high on google.

Seo is changing. Seo can be easy or hard for somebody. If you want to increase your business. You have to rank high on google. Only then your customers will see your products and services. To help you to rank on google. There are many SEO tools that can help you to get a good result.

Top SEO tools which can help you to rank

1.Answer the public.

Answer the public can pull the question people are asking questions or Queries from Google. It is very easy to use. It has a free plan and a paid plan. If you are a beginner, you can start using a free plan.

2.Google Keywords Planner

Google Keywords planner is a google keywords search tool that is free. It generates its keywords from people who are researching certain keywords in google. Google keywords do have some limitations but it is still good for finding good keywords ideas.


Ubersuggest is another very good keywords planner. Which shows you all keywords. Like long keywords, short keywords, question. which are very good for you, if you are starting a blog or ads. It has a free and paid plan.

4.Ahrefs keywords research tool

Ahrefs keywords research tool can give you search volume, backlinks, broken links, youtube keywords, ranking, or social share, etc.It is a very powerful tool if you are trying to make a blog on any subject. Like it can help you to research low competition keywords so you can rank high fast.

5.Google trend

Google Trends can show you. which are popular topics overtime. So you can use and capitalize on those trending topics. Why because all people are searching for the same keywords in google so it has a high possibility people can find your content.

6.Keywords Surfer

Keywords Surfer is a free keywords search tool. You can install it for free from the chrome extension. Which monthly search volume on google. You can find similar keywords in the sidebar. This free keyword can help you to do keyword research fast and easily.

7.Rank math SEO

Rank Math is an SEO tool that can help you to rank high in the google search results. It has many features like:

It can help you by adding the title, meta description, tags, Redirecting URL, Rich snippets, finding, and fixing links on your website. Plus it also has a free and paid plan. In free there can be some feature limited but you are just starting free is enough for you.


Keywords.io can be your great tool. It has not free trails only a paid plan. You can search for keywords for both google, youtube, amazon, etc. Which can help you to research long-formate keywords. which can help you to rank in google plus on youtube.


Hunter. i.o can help to find an email address associated with any websites. You can use it for free up to 50 requests per month. With this, you can find a specific company email address. Just enter the company domain, it gives you all information.

You also can outreach for link building direct from hunter.io.You have to just content your Gamil to the hunter. They give you a free already written outreach template. which makes our life easy. It is very helpful to those who cannot write outreach emails.

1o.Moz link checker

Moz link checker

Moz has a free tool and a paid tool. For free you can see the most powerful linked to your website.


A streak is a great freemium tool. Which can turn your normal Gmail into a Customer relation management tool. It is a very powerful software where you can blast personalized emails. Which is a great software for bloggers to outreach to build links and rank.

12.Google Search Console

Google search console is a free service that is provided by Google. Here you can monitor and troubleshoot your website, if it had any problem. like technical error, submit a sitemap, see structured data issues, keywords, and many more



If you want to rank high on google then you can use Cloudflare. Which helps you to make your website fast. Google loves Fast websites but it also protects you from malicious attacks.


Smush is a free WordPress plugin free tool. Which is used for compressing, resizing, image, optimizing. Which helps your websites to load super lighting speed.

15.Google search


To research keywords for free. you can type in google but you must first switch to incognito mode. Which shows you all popular keywords with autofill. In incognito mode, you can search. Where you are ranking on google.

16.Google my business

Google my business

Google my business helps you to manage, how your business will appear in google maps and search. To rank high in local search you have to calm and optimizing your GMB profile. Which are the most important things for local SEO.

17.WordTracker tool

The Wordtracker tool comes with free and paid. If you are just a beginner and searching for the best search result keywords for your blog or youtube. Then the word tracker tool is best for you. I found WordTracker is best than any keyword search tool out there.

You will get 12 searches a day for free. You can try the full 1 weeks trial. After you like you can get only $27 months. which is far cheap than any keywords research tool.Ou there.

18.Soovle tool

The Soovle tool is the best free tool. If you don't want to buy a paid keywords search tool. Then this is perfect for you. You just have to enter keywords and It will give all long keywords. Which is important for your SEO game 

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