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Canva Reviews.Number 1 graphic designing tool in market.

                       Canva Reviews.

Canva review

Canva is the fastest growing graphic designing tool in the world. Which helps you to create masterpieces graphic design for your business. There are many tools like photoshop. Which allows you to create a great graphic design for a business like restaurants, shops, real estate, and many more. Number one graphic designing tool in photoshop. 

Many marketers use photoshop for their graphic design. But not everyone can use photoshop because it is complex. And takes time to learn. For those people who don't want to learn photoshop Canva can be a great tool. You don't have to spend months learning how to use Canva. Just sign in and start using it. It is all drag and drop tool.

                                          Here is some feature of Canva.

 You can create a professional-looking design in a few minutes. It doesn't matter either you are a beginner or a professional graphic designer. Even you are a professional graphic designer, you can create beautiful designs.

 Canva can help you to create an awesome business card, company card, logo, infographic, resume letter, website templates, card, Instagram, video, Facebook banner, youtube banner, Instagram story, Twitter banner, video ads, background remover, and many more.
Canva review

In Canva you can get millions of videos, photos, templates. You can choose which are right for your business. In their marketplace, you will find some pictures are free and some are paid for. Even for free, you can get thousands of photos and videos.

You also can make video ads for your social media campaign. To use Canva you don't need to download anything. It is cloud base software. You can use it on your mac. pc or Linux. Just sign in with your email and use it. If you are new to canvas you can use free 30 days trails. But you need cards.

Prices of Canva

There are free and paid features.

1.$10.00 monthly

2.9.95  monthly 

Now let's discuss what you will get for free in Canva.

Canva review

In free plan. You can get free photos and videos but are limited. You can design and editing anything and download it for your social media. But I found that you cannot remove the background in the photo for your design. If you like some design for your next projects you can buy for only $1 without a paid subscription.

Pro accounts

You are planning to get a pro account that is great because now you are not limited to anything. You can get all professional marketing tools for your business like unlimited pro video, photos, icons. logo, remove- background, unlimited templated, etc. You also can make a design for your print-in-demand business too. Canva is loaded with great features. Which can help you to make outstanding graphic design. Without knowledge of photoshop.

You also can schedule for your social media.

Some Canva tools"
Canva review

To design in Canva is easy. After you sign in you can select any template. Canva has tons of templates. which is ready to go or select a blank template. It will show you step by step. what each tool will do. After you sign up, you can select the template. what you want to design for your project.

Like youtube ads, Facebook banners, TikTok videos, Twitter banners, etc. If you don't like the template you are seen you can change the entire background, image, colours. fonts, text with few clicks. They have a large number of backgrounds photos for your design, texting style.

 While you are designing, if you don't like some design or photo, video you can change it with a click. Once finished you can share directly on Facebook, Twitter etc. Now you also can invite your team directly to Canva for collaboration in the design.

Do you know you also can use Canva from your phone which is available for both android and ios stores?

Who Canva for

Canva review

when you compare canvas to other graphic design tools like photoshop. It is very easy to use. Not everyone is looking for a complex design tool like Adobe. Some people like a simple tool that helps them to create a great design in a few minutes. For those kinds of people, Canva is the best option.

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