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Clickfunnel review. Is this landing page builder perfect for you.

                  Clickfunnel Review.

Clickfunnel review

Clickfunnel helps anyone to make and sell their products online easily. Before click funnel. If you want to sell any products online you have to make a complicated marketing tool. But with a click funnel, you can sell your products online with few clicks.

Clickfunnel makes it extremely easy to sell online with its sell funnel feature. You may see and hear on youtube. Many people are talking about Clickfunnel. Many are teaching, how Clickfunnel can improve your business. It is perfect for everyone. Even you are a beginner or an expert. Clickfunnel has all. You can try Clickfunnel for 14 days trails but required your card. And see, this is right for your business.

With Clickfunnel you make:
1.You can make your own membership sites 
3.landing pages
4.The squeeze page 
7.Sale Funnels
8.Auto webinars 
9.order page
10.upsell and many more

                                  So what are the sell funnels?

Clickfunnel review

Sells funnels help you to convert your visitor into your customers. Imagine you bring lots of traffic to your website but no one is buying your products. That feeling is not great. They don't buy from you, because they don't know where to buy, they check here and there and leave without taking any action from your website.

It doesn't matter you have a great website or content. If you don't show your customers. How to buy products from you then they never buy. To solve those kinds of problems. Clickfunnel comes in. Clickfunnel helps your visitor to buy from your step by step which is cool. If it sounds interesting to you. Then this is can be the perfect tool you are searching for your business.

Let's begin Clickfunnel's pros and cons.

1.Drag and drop page builder

clickfunnel review

You can easily make sales funnel, landing pages for your business. It is a drag and drops feature. It doesn't require any kind of programming. You can make many kinds of the high converting landing page in a few minutes. On the landing page, you can  add headline image, text, button, video, etc

.2.A/B Testing

You can easily split your landing page. Test which landing page is doing well. Because without testing, You don't know which landing page will perform great and you can scale up. If it is profitable. Which saves your time and money.

3.WordPress plugin

You can add Clickfunnel directly into your WordPress.For that, you can search in the WordPress market place. The Clickfunnel Plugin has a good 4.4 ratings in the WordPress market. Till now over 20,000 have already installed.

4.You can content any email services provider

With Clickfunnel it is easy to connect with any email services provider like 
6.Mad Mimi,
12.Webinar jam studio 
13.YouZign and many more



I think Clickfunnel has a great business tool. Which can help you to improve your business. But the bad side. it is expansive than other landing page builder. It has 2 plans which are $97 months and $297 months. It sounds expensive but hey you get many features in one business platform otherwise you have to buy different kinds of software. Which can cost higher than this.


I have expressed that sometimes  Clickfunnel goes out. It doesn't happen regularly. When it happens you can lose lots of your money because you are driving traffic to your sales funnel. I hope this won't happen in near future.


Clikcfunnel changes its dashboard too much. One day this feature is here and another day they remove or put another place. I think till now they are experimenting with its tool and feature. So when you don't find the same feature when you sign for the first time spend some time and you will find it.

4.Their chat services

Their chat services are ok but hope It will improve. It is important because experienced marketer can use their products easily, but new people can find it difficult to use some features. This is where they should help their customers.


Sometimes Clickfunnel slows down. when you add a template to your account. I found this sometimes is very annoying for me.

If you are a beginner's then the cheapest plan is best for you. Which is $97monthly.Which is a little expensive than other landing page builder but you will get many tools that can help your business. On a $97 monthly plan, you will get 100 pages, 20 funnels, and only 20,000 visitors.

For high plans, you can get smart email services and another feature is a backpack. In a backpack, you can decide how much percentage you want to give to your affiliates. Backpack allows you to make your own affiliate program like Clickbank or Jvzoo with few clicks.
clickfunnel review

You easily see your sale in a friendly dashboard. Like how many you got the sale, revenue, etc. Many of you may say hey we think Clickfunnel is great but there are get landing page builders that are cheaper.

 Yes in the market there are many cheap landing page builders like the lead page and Unbounce etc. They are cheap in fee than Clickfunnel but they don't have the most important feature for your business.which is the sale funnel. Yes, Clickfunnel has a landing page feature but it's mainly developed for the sale funnel. 

So you can make your sales funnel for your business with a few clicks. Which helps you to convert your visitors into buying customers. that why Clickfunnel may be a little expensive compare to others. But it is totally worth its price.

Recently Clickfunnel adds new features. Which is funnelflix.

                                            What is Funnelflix?

  Funnelfix is a course marketplace. Where you can find a course about any subject related. I think they are trying to make online classes like Udemy and Skillshare. This is good because you don't have to sign in to different accounts.

There also got other tons of feature like

1.Follow up the funnel.

clickfunnel review

Follow up on a funnel is their email marketing services. It works just like other email services provider. This helps you to remind your visitor of your upcoming class and many more. This their smart email service. You can also get this feature at a higher price.

                                 Who Clickfunnel for?

Any kind of business can use Clickfunnel. Either they are small or big. You can choose which plan is suitable for your business.

Their customer supports.

I think their customer support is ok. but not that good. Hope their support will be better. Because newcomer can find hard to know some feature. If they give good customer support that means more happy customers.

You also can read their blog if you are finding it difficult to use some features. Hope that will help you.

                    Finally is Clickfunnel is worth it?

Absolutely worth it.Why well It is an easy answer. It is easy to use the software. It has all features in one place. Otherwise, you have to spend double the money on other features. It is a  drag and drop. In minutes you can make a quality landing page or sale funnel. For your business. Before Clickfuneel it takes days to make a quality landing or funnel. But how it all changes because of Clickfunnel.

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