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Nord Vpn reviews.Number 1 Vpn on market.

                  Nord Vpn reviews

Nord Vpn is the best Vpn in the market for a long time, Nord Vpn is cheap compare to other Vpn, It is cheap that doesn't mean it is not good. It uses military encryption grade. Which is best in the Vpn business.
Nord vpn review

 It has more than 5000 locations servers across 59 countries. Its headquarters are in Panama. It knows as security heaven. You may also see many of your favorite YouTubers are promoting Vpn, not just any Vpn. It is a Nord Vpn.

Nordvpn is the most famous VPN is app and google store. It got 4.4 ratings on google and 4.6 in the apple store.

If you are thinking about how fast it is. Well, that depends on where you are. If you are a good internet connection it runs fast, if you are a little low internet it runs a little slow. I found the speed reduced by only 32%. Which is not fast other its competitors. I think it's normal when you use it for any task, you expect it to perform a little low. But still, it is fast.

Now you know little about Nordvpn. Before I continue. Let's discuss, 

                                       What is a Vpn?

virtual private network. It protects your daily activity on the internet and protects your privacy online. Vpn helps you to protects your online identity by hiding your location IP address and allows you to use any public free wifi safely. 

It also helps you by keeping safe from the malicious network .which is trying to steal your data for ads or sell your data to third parties. Which is not cool.

You should aware even if you are using Nord Vpn or any Vpn. You should create complex passwords. Which is not easily crackable like password creates passwords.

                             Why you need Vpn?

None like to tracked or watched. when you are using the internet. If you are worrying that you are tracked online then Vpn is for you. With a Vpn no one knows, what you are doing online plus It protects your online data.

                                  You can use Vpn in many ways like like are as follows:

1.Public open wifi

When you go to public places like parks, restaurants, bars, and any other place. You may have seen free wifi and you want to connect to use the internet. For any purpose like watching a youtube video, working for your office, or chatting. While you are using free wifi hackers can steal your personal information.

Top prevents that you can use Vpn. Which protects you from hackers or any spammers. So you use the internet without any worrying.

Vpn can help you to hide your location.

3.Encrypt your personal data

When you are using the internet. You can use Vpn because it protects your online privacy and keeps you from leaving any online footprints. Isp cannot sell your browsing data.

What is an ISp?

Isp are your internet provider like At and t, Verizon's, Rcn, frontier, and many many more. Who can collect a huge amount of your online data.

4.Access blocking websites

Vpn can be a great tool. If you are unable to connect or use any website. .Like in some countries you cannot access Netflix, Facebook, websites, youtube, etc. 

How Vpn do that?
It redirects your connection to the internet through remote servers.

                                      How much it cost?

Nord Vpn has a 3 option"
2.$69.00 months
3.$54.00 monthly.

Nord Vpn accepts many online payments like a credit card, Paypal, Cryptocurrencies, etc.

Nord Vpn always giving discounts. When you go to the checkout page you can see a different price than here. So don't be surprised. if you see a lower price than, I mention here. I found that with Nordvpn you can easily watch NetFlix where you cannot access. With one subscription you can run only your six devices.

 Right now Nordvpn doesn't accept PayPal but you use all payments. Which mention above.

NordVpn has 24/7 customer supports so you are facing any kind of problem you can read their blog they have an answer to any of your questions or if you want to hear from them you can chat or email them. They will help you.

Security and privacy

Its encryption model is standard AES-256-CBC, which means it always changes its encryption key to avoid any security compromise.NordVpn uses Open VPN which is the popular encryption standard. Which are used by other Vpn services providers. OpenVPN's biggest strength is balanced between security and speed. This means you can use Vpn fast without leaking any of your data.

Its Site filters block malicious websites, comes with a tracker, and differents ads block.

Now question. Is this Vpn is perfect for you?

100% yes. Nordvpn is best than the rest of its competitors because of its technology and price.

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