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Thrive themes review.It is worth for your online business.

                                                     Thrive Themes Review.

Thrive themes

Thrive Themes builder is a drag and drop website builder without any code required. Thrive theme's main goal is to convert your traffic into leads and subscribers. Thrive themes provided tons of awesome plugins for the marketer or agency. Which are important for your digital marketing agency or any types of online business. In the market, there are many cool products for your business. But they're expensive to use compare to thrive theme. Which has amazing features at a lower cost. Like you have seen a popup tool to collect your email or when you leave the website popup comes onto your screen. That is mainly done with the thrive themes.

If you are running a business like a services provider, Affiliate marketer then thrive is the best option for you because you can interact with your customers effectively.

Every good software has pros and cons.


1. It provided free training

If you are new to the thrive theme marketplace and you don't know anything about it. Then don't worry. The creator of the thrive theme has made a course which is called Thrive university. Where you can learn all things about the thrive theme. And make a good website that covert. Which saves your time and .money.


You can choose any template you like. In their marketplace, they have almost 500 websites template.

3.Make awesome websites

Thrive themes are easy to use. You can make a good-looking website without writing a single line of code.

4.Conversion focus;

The main purpose of the thrive theme is to boost your conversion.

5.SEO friendly

The thrive template all are SEO friendly. When means your website opens fast. Google loves fast websites.


1.It doesn't support other developer platforms;

Thrive theme works only with WordPress.You can't use with other platforms like Wix, Joomla, and other platforms

2.Takes time to learn all features;

Thrive theme has a lot of new features so it can take you a bit of time to understand all features of this platform. So take it easy and after some time you will master this platform.

3.Customers supports:

Thrive customers' supports is ok. Sometimes you have a problem while work with a thrive theme and ask questions it takes a few hours to get answers back. How they will improve this because it benefits to all.

Here we discuss some features of thrive themes :

1.Thrive, Theme builder.
Thrive theme

Thrive theme builder now it is called thrive suit can help you to make a beautiful conversion-focused WordPress theme from scratch without any coding required. To start you have to install thrive theme and dropdown you can see shapeshift option-click and it takes you to thrive theme builder dashboard and start to make or modify your website page headers, footers, blog post templates, page layout sidebars, category,404, searches and more. 

If you don't like the template you can change it according to your niches. You can easily manage your brand, custom colour, logo etc.Thrive theme builder can help you to grow your business and collect more email subscribers. It is built with conversion in mind.

2.Thrive, Architect.

 Thrive architect before it is called thrive content builder can help you to make a beautiful home page for your blog. Thrive architects, is a content editor which can help you to improve the layout on your existing homepage by adding things like columns, horizon opt-in forms social share, email opt-in,countdown-time and much more.

2.Make sale page easily

You can easily make a sale page with a thrive Architect. Thrive Architect comes with everything you need to build a stunning sale page. Which helps you to drive more sales.

3.Thrive landing page;

If you want to grow your business then you need an email list because we always hear money is on the list. With a thriving architect, you can make a beautiful landing page from their templates. where they are providing you with dozens of optimized landing page templates.

4.You can write a beautiful blog post. So you will get more traffic and shares.

3.Thrive, quiz builder,

Thrive Quiz builder can help you to make complex quizzes in minutes result in more sales for your business. You can easily add more question, images, text, and many more. All thrive quiz builder template is mobile friendly. You can make any kinds of quiz based on your goals like an email list or social sharing.

You can choose a different type of quiz template according to your business. If you don't know how to make a quiz then. The wizard will walk you through each step so you don't forget anything. If you made mistake while making a quiz the troubleshooter will alert you.

In past make quiz is hard. Either you required custom programming skill or an expansive tool to make an awesome quiz for your business. But now with thrive quiz builder you can make any types of quiz in a minute without custom programming or expansive tool.

 Nowadays online quiz is a very popular marketing tactic on social media. With quiz builder, you can easily make an engaging quiz in a second. So you can collect an email list from your customers and you can promote your business later.

4.Thrive leads

Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin opt-in form maker. It is the most popular lead generation plugin among marketer. You can make the opt-in form with a drag and drop visual editor. Without writing a single line of code. You can A/B test your opt-in forms. That how you know how your opt-in form is working. After some time you can delete the worse forms and keep displaying good performing forms on your website. You can test different types of opt-in forms. 

It has an asset delivery mechanism that delivers ebook or leads magnets to your audiences without any email autoresponder. Which is best for beginners. You can easily start making opt-in forms from the beginning or can use their ready-made templates. In the opt-in form, you can easily add your social media icons, coupon codes, videos, and webinar registration forms easily.

 You can display forms in the different articles or sidebar widget, notification bar pages, tags, categories of your websites. These target and trigger option gives you the power to show relevant opt-in offers. When your visitors come to your websites.

5.Thrive comments

Good engagement on your website can help you to improve your SEO on google. The thrive comment feature makes your blog comment section more engaging and enjoyable like big social media forms. Like if somebody likes a comment, they can upvote or downvote. You can say it is a replacement default comment system on your blog post. If your reader leaves comments on your post. You can ask them to share your blog or you can collect their email by opt-in form. This can be a great conversion strategy for your business.

6.Thrive Ultimatum

Many of us have seen popup time counters from normal websites to big e-commerce. These techniques make people take action fast. This is how many businesses are using it to increase their business. Thrive Ultimatum helps you to do just that.

With Thrive Ultimatum you can make and show the deadline countdown timer or evergreen campaigns on any page you want. To make the countdown time it is easy. You just have to check a few boxes and you have got timers. You can show where you want it on your websites. You can set up recurring campaigns. It is very helpful because you don't have to step up your campaigns again and again manually.

7.Thrive Ovation

If you are not using testimonials on your website then it is hurting your business. More testimonials into your business websites mean more customers. Remember nobody will buy from you. On the first try, because they don't trust you. Imagine if you have testimonials on your website. You can get the sale in first. Because it makes your business trust worth it.

If you don't know anything about, how to make testimonials. Don't worry. Thrive ovation is a WordPress plugin. Which can help you to make an awesome social proof for your business. Thrive Ovation automatically collects customer testimonials and displays them everywhere on your website. It also has a  testimonials capture widget. You can use it to capture your customer feedback. Which is important for your businesses.

8.Thrive optimize

If you are using WordPress then you are in luck. Because Thrive optimizes is conversion-friendly.It can help you to increase your website traffic by split testing your website. It is a powerful tool. If you don't test your website you are leaving lots of money on the table. Big companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are always A/B testing to increase their business. Many business owners don't A/B test on their website because the A/B testing tool in the market is hard to use or expensive.

 If this is stopping you then Optimize membership plugin is here you help you. To A/B test your website just login and click the A/B test side button and began. Elegant also offers the same function like thrive optimize for free but optimize give more advances feature for your website.

9.Thrive, Apprentice,

If you are planning to open your online course then thrive apprentice is here. You can easily make your online course plus you can add a new lesson even after already lunch course. You can accept payment directly from your students in Paypal or stripe.

                   Thrive Clever Widgets

Thrive clever where you make your sidebar on the website. Many WordPress users are loving it because you have total control over what you will show on your website. Means your visitor only read the best content on your website. Which can help you to increase your conversion rate.

          How much is Thrive membership plan per month?

Thrive theme membership price is not that expensive compare to other marketing tool. There are 2 types of thrive plan Which are as follows:

1.Higher price is $228 years,
2. $19 monthly only
3.Agency membership $49 monthly

If you are thinking. Thrive worth your time. Yes, it is worth your time because it has all the advanced feature like an external shopping cart solution a Samcart or thrivecart for your online businesses. Which can help you to grow your business plus it is helping to save money. If you don't know anything about how to use thrive theme. Don't worry that have a detailed video tutorial on their youtube channel. You can easily integrate with many other email marketing platforms like convert it, drip, active campaign etc. They also have a support email address. You can email anytime if you have any problem working with thrive platform.

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