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Udemy review. Best eLearning platform in online.

                       Udemy review.

Udemy is the best online e-learning platform. It gets millions of visitors per month. You can get any course like in marketing, business, game, app, and many more. There is no subscription option-like skillshare. 

To get the course you have to pay a one-time payment. You can try a business account and get 4000 professional courses free for 14 days. Which required a business email. Your normal Gmail won't work here. Don't try to sign in with a fake email address it won't work here. 

Cost of course

The cost of Udemy is $200. But they always give you a huge discount up to $10.Which is great. You are getting that much discount doesn't mean that it is a bad course. I find Udemy has the best course than any other online education platform like skillshare and teachable. 

80%, of course, is very good but some course is very bad or too basic. Which you can find on youtube easily. That why before taking any course read the course description and student feedback. Which is helpful to me and it can help you too.


I also purchase a course like an affiliate marketing. Instagram marketing, youtube growth, Clickfunnel. You can learn anything on Udemy like meditation, macroeconomics, woodworking, photography, dancing, making websites, and many more. Just think about what you want to learn Udemy has it all.

Inside Udemy course

Udemy teachers are really good compared to skillshare and Linkedin. They know what they are talking about. They are not in hurry to finish the course. Video and sound quality are great. It is easy to understand. The teaching pace is good. 

Udemy courses are divided into small videos from 1 minute to 30 minutes. Anyone can upload a course easily on Udemy. Which is good and bad. That why there is also some bad course as well. So you have to really care about, which course you choose to take.

To purchase any course you can use PayPal or MasterCard. After you purchase your first course it saves in my learning option. Which is recently changed before it was called my course. In the course your instructors give your certain task to complete, you can found assets in the sidebar to download. Which is really helpful to follow. What your instructors are saying.

Your course instructors can send you bonuses code to other their courses. After the complete course, you will get a complete certificate too. According to your topics.

The course is broken into a small video like, I said before it can be 1 minute to 30 minutes. which can help new students to learn fast. While you are learning if you don't understand some topics you can push or fast forwards. Nowadays Udemy is like a Youtube feature like it has speed control, closed captioning, volume control, write notes while watching the video, etc. If you want to read then you can download the video transcript as well.

All students can discuss the course in the Q&A sections. Where students can ask questions which they don't understand in the video and the teacher can help them. I like this because in some platforms once a course realizes teachers don't care about students. In Udemy teachers always update the course. Which another great thing about Udemy.

If you want to learn in Udemy and searching for the best course then here are a few courses that may help you.

If you want to earn money from Clickbank then this course is perfect for you. He releases his first course back in 2016. Till now more than 40,000 students have already taken and he's still updating new tips and tricks. Like how to make money from Facebook without ads and more. which can help you to earn money from the biggest affiliate networks. This course is better than a $500 to 1000 dollar course.

You want to learn. How to make an affiliate marketing website that helps you to generate good income then this course is for you. Here your Instructors show you step by step, how to make a good affiliate website. Till now more than 10,000 students have already bought. Now it is your turn.

Like me, you want to learn how to make a game then this 2 course is best. The instructors have worked in many games. This course is very popular on the Udemy platform. More than 80,000 students have already taken this course. I am also studying here. Hope you join me here.

Many people will teach you how you can earn money from Facebook, youtube, and google but nobody teaches you. You can earn money from Twitter as well. This twitter marketing course teaches you how you can make money from Twitter. It is a great opportunity because it has fewer competitions.

You don't know anything about email marketing then this is the perfect course for you. Everyone knows money is on the list. If you have a list you can promote any products to your customers. If it helps them they will buy from you. Till now more than 10,000 people have already purchased it.

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