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what is does shopify work.

  Nowadays many people are talking about Shopify. Everywhere like on youtube, Twitter, and blogs. But some of you may haven't know anything about Shopify. What it is and what it does. Well don't worry today we are going to tell you all about what is Shopify, what it does, and how you can lunch your small business with Shopify. After the end of this blog, I hope all of you know, what Shopify does.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce tool that allows you to make your own eCommerce store without writing a single line of code. Many blogs you are reading use WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and many more. But many eCommerce is made with the Shopify platform. It allows you to sell online and offline. It is easy to use. You can get all kinds of features for beginners to advances. When you go to the Shopify platform you will get a different option like:



What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is suitable if you are a larger team and earning more than $100,000 monthly. It is an enterprise plan. The monthly fee is $2000.In Shopify plus you will get a lot of cool features. Which help you to sell even more like AR, video and 3D media on the product page, automation workflow, handle large products, local currency and more.

What is Shopify Lite?

Shopify Lites allows you to sell directly on your website all you have to do is add a buy button. It is a perfect plan for you if you don't want to sell with Shopify. You can sell both online and offline. Its price is monthly $9.

The price of Shopify is as follows:

1.Basic Shopify $29 monthly. It is perfect for beginners. Only 2 staff members can access the Shopify admin. You can add unlimited products, Gift cards an e-commerce website and a blog, sell on online marketplaces and social media more.

2.Shopify $79 monthly: It same as basic but you can only add 5 of your staff member to your store.

3.Advances Shopify $299 monthly. In advances, you can add 15 staff. You will get Advanced reporting, Third-party calculated shipping rate etc.

In Shopify you can see how your store is performing, you can view the number of orders you got, you can see which products are performing best, watch a real-time view of your website. It helps you to understand in-depth your online eCommerce store.

If you are planning to start your eCommerce, you can start freely. You get a free theme .where you can open your e-commerce shop plus, you can customize your store as you like. You can change photos, colours, and many more. You can get free more than 1000 photos for your store to use in your store.

You want to get started in Shopify to make your eCommerce store but you are tight on your budget, you can pay only $9 months. In the future, if you want more features for your store then you choose Shopify plus.

In Shopify, you will find many free and paid apps like Oberlo, image background removers, product searching timers, upscale, and many more. Plus you can find many kinds of apps, you can choose which app is better for your Shopify store. You are searching for an app to add products to your store easily. Then you can check out the Oberlo app. Oberlo is famous among drop shippers. Which has a free also paid plan. As your business increase, you can use Oberlo paid plan, so you can add and sell more products.

If you don't know how to get starting in Shopify then don't worry. Shopify is the largest e-commerce company after Amazon. Shopify provides you free courses about how to find profitable products, add products, how to search, and where to search for products. They want you to succeed. If you make money, they make money.

Shopify has a large number of customers who are running their business with Shopify. If you stuck somewhere you can chat with their customer's support also join their Facebook group, youtube, etc. If you have any questions. They happily answer your question. They always host new webinars, where they talk about news tips and tricks. Which can help you to increase your business.

Anyone can start their own e-commerce business with Shopify. Yes to get success, it can take some time. To open your store. You just go to the Shopify website and sign in for 14 days trails without any credit card. Which is awesome.

I am also making my e-commerce store with a free course provided by Oberlo. Which is better than some dude selling you for $1000 dollar. Yes, Oberlo is giving you a free course. In course, they will teach you how to make your first store, best SEO friendly template, run Facebook ads, and many more.

When you are starting your eCommerce in Shopify. It can be a little bit hard because Shopify always adds news features. So it can take some of your time to understand whole your store. Remember you are building your online eCommerce business.

Anyone can easily set up e-commerce with Shopify and run. But it is not enough to succeed in the e-commerce field. You have to find good products. which are low competition and promote your business better than your other competitions. To get a good result

So how Shopify works. Well, it is an eCommerce platform where it hosts all your e-commerce store. It also offers a payment process that helps you to receive payments when your customers come to your store and purchase from you. With Shopify reports you can understand better your customers and remarketing results in more sales. when consumers come into your store and put their email that customer is yours, not Shopify. Which is great.

So in the future, you can promote or give a discount code. Which help you to increase your sale.

So What you can sell in Shopify

In Shopify you can sell anything like the garden to fashion like:

1.Cloths products

3.bags and luggage accessories products

But there are some products you cannot sell like:

1.Gambling products

2.Adult products

3.Drug paraphernalia

4.Event tickets

Here are few tips on how to makes some profits they are as follows;

Run Google, Facebook, ads with video because video can help you to sell more. In the video, you can show, what products can do. So if it is really helpful to them then they will buy products from you. To make great ads you can use Microsoft video editors. Which are free comes in window 10 or wave-video. They have a different plan if you are a beginner choose a low plan. I think they have a $10 monthly fee.

Seo: Seo is the most powerful tool. which can help to get sell-by ranking high in google for low search competition keywords. To research low competition keywords you can tool like Ubersuggest, Semrush, etc. Seo can give you free traffic. If you don't want to spend money on ads. Which is easy to rank. Result sale for you.

Twitter: You can try dropshipping on Twitter. Many people are getting good results and You can get a good result too because on Twitter there is far less competition. Compared to Facebook and Google Adwords.

Pinterest: Pinterest is an underdog it acts as social media and search engine for pictures. You can say it is a mix between Google and Instagram. On Pinterest, more than a million people search every day to get a new idea. The study found out that people who use Pinterest are more likely to buy from you more than any social media.

This is a good opportunity for you to get some really good traffic for your eCommerce business.

TikTok: You can see Tiktok is exploding right now and its organic traffic is better than any social media out there right now. So jump right In before its organic traffic began to drop.

After getting some sell in organic traffic. you can spend on ads to get fast results.

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