Sellfy review. Simple and Affordable Ecommecres platform.

                            Sellfy review.

Sellfy review

 So you are planning to lunch your business online and search for the right tool. If yes then you are in the right place. Where you can sell any kinds of products like digital and physical products all in one place. Which saves your time and money.

Today, if we want to sell both digital or physical products online. We need to buy different kinds of software, which can be expensive to lots of people like total beginners. There are a few platforms.  you can do both they are not the best. Like Shopify, we can sell only physical products, not digital.  To solve this problem there is good software that allows you to sell any digital and physical products on any social media like Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

                                      IT IS CALLED SELLFY SOFTWARE.

Sellfy is an E-commerces Platform. Where you can sell all kinds of digital and physical products,  like ebooks, music, illustration, video. With Sellfy You can literally build a fully functioning store in less than 5 minutes. Which is cool. So your customers can easily buy or download from you. 

You have a website or good followers on social media and you want to sell your physical or digital products then Sellfy can help you by embedding the products and buy button on your website as well as on other social media like on Facebook, Instagram, and youtube.

Sellfy is all one e-commerce solution. Which allows you to integrate the processing of your payments utilize their built-in marketing tool such as email marketing, discount, upscale, and analytics and connects with over 1000 third party app using Zappers.

If you want to try this Ecommerce platform then you use it without the required credit card for 14 days.

Sellfy helps you to make your e-commerce website in minutes. In Sellfy you can add your own logo, change the colour, navigation, and edit your store and information. You can easily add a shopping cart to your store so your customers can purchase them easily. Your customers can translate your store into their own language. Based on where they come from

You can host your store on their platform just buy your own domain name and add just like any other eCommerce platform. You can embed Sellfy directly into your website so when your customers come into your website. They can buy from you. Which is cool. Sellfy stores are all SEO optimized.  Which helps your store open fast.

This is good because nobody loves a slow website. If your website is slow your customer leave in a few seconds which is not good news because it sent the message that your website is not good so google will drop your SEO rank which is not good news for your business

You can import all your digital products. Sellfy does not limit the number of products. You can upload unlimited products into your store. It recommends all files should be less than 5GB in sites. In Sellfy you can offer digital or physical products or subscriptions to your royal customers. You customer can download it after making a purchase.
Sellfy review

Embed option

I don't know other eCommerce platforms that allow you to embed yourself on any website but Sellfy allows you to embed everywhere like on Facebook, Instagram, business website, youtube. Which can help you to grow your business.


Sellfy only accepts payment online from your store. There are online two payment choices for you these are PayPal and stripes. After your customer purchase from your store, you will get paid to your stripe or PayPal account. Sellfy has anti-fraud measures to protect your products. If you don't have those payments right now you cannot use them, hope they will put other payment methods in the future


Sellfy has build side marketing and analytics tool and email marketing feature. So you can send discount codes to your customer's product upsells and also you can track ads in your store. Sellfy analytics dashboard can help you to track your best-performing products, revenue, and store results.

Sellfy has 3 types of plans. Which are as follows:

1.start is $19 months
2.Business:$39 months
3.premium :$89 months.

With a starter plan you can sell up to $10,000 per year, Business planners you to sell up to $50,000 per year, and a premium allows you to sell up to $200,000.

Plus in the higher plan, you will get an extra 10,000 to 50,000 email credits. It depends upon your plans and you will get free migration.
Sellfy review

The pros of using Sellfy are as follows:

Sellfy is really easy to use than other e-commerce platforms, you can literally build a fully functional eCommerce store in less than 5 minutes.

2.You don't need to spend third-party software like email marketing, analytics tracking ads, and more because all marketing tools built inside in Sellfy. Some functions are discounts with scarcity timers, digital subscription functionality, and pay what you want to feature, and more.

3.You can easily embed your shopping cart, "buy now" button, or whole store by simply copy and pasting a line of code.

4.You can upload up to 10 GB with advanced file security feature

5.When you checkout you don't have to give unnecessary information. It will be one of the cleanest and smoothest checkouts you will ever see.

cons are as follows

1.Sellfy is the best e-commerce platform compare to others. Here you can build e-commerce in minutes. This is cool but it still lacks some very important features like payment. It has only 2 payment options. which can be difficult to who don't have these option, let's hope they will put other payment option so who are interested in making e-commerce site but don't know how to make it.

2.Sellfy has small features compare to other huge e-commerce sites like Shopify. Which is only down things.

People who are using this Platform are bloggers, social media people because you can easily make your own e-commerce in minutes.

In the end, Sellfy is just a good e-commerce platform that doesn't have to spend time learning how stuff works.
Sellfy review

Now Sellfy e-commerce platform just added a print in-demand option. This is cool for those who are planning to launch their own print n demand business. You can sell any types of products like;

4.Tote bags
6.Long sleeve shirts
7.Tank tops etc.

How much it cost?

Well here is good news. You won't charged until your customers buy from you and your order is processed in 2 days. Now over to you.

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