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Tailwind app review. Best tool to grow your social media.

                       Tailwind app review.

Tailwind app

Tailwind is a social media marketing platform. Which helps you to schedule your social media post. Like in Pinterest and Instagram. First when I use it. It only worked for Pinterest. Just a few months ago they made a few changes. Now you can use Tailwind to grow your Instagram profile too. Plus they will suggest you a low competition hashtag. This is super important if you want to grow your Instagram profile.

You can get a tailwind app from google chrome extensions. Which is totally free. You can try it for free until 100 pins. After that, if you think it is helping you then you can upgrade it.

To use Tailwind is not hard. It is a drag and drop platform. Just log in and upload your first picture or video and put in a schedule or publish immediately to your Pinterest or Instagram. It gives you the best time to publish your pin. So your post can reach more people. Means lots of traffic👀 to your business

Lots of people are using it for their businesses and getting a good result. Pinterest is just like Google but it is an image search platform. People who are on Pinterest highly buy from you. Even studies show people go to Pinterest buying mindset.

Feature of tailwind app are as follows:

1.Tailwind Communities

Tailwind has the most important feature, which is tailwind Communities. It is just like Facebook groups. Where people share similar kinds of posts. Like money, fitness, art, and many more. You can join any community easily.👪 

Sometimes you can join immediately and sometimes they have to approve you. After you joined you can post your best pin. And if the board members like your pin. They will share your pin with their audiences means you can get exposed to millions of people. The rule of the communities is that you also have to pin and share other people's pins too.

If you only share your pin. You can get banned from your communities.

To join any community is super easy. Just search in the community tab. And find which community you are interested to join.

2.Make beautiful pins.

We all know if you want to grow your business on Pinterest. You should make a beautiful pin, which is eye-catching to others result in more clicks, shares, traffic to your website, and much more

To make good pins many of us use online photo editors like Canva or photoshop. But now you don't even need these kinds of software to make a beautiful pin for your Pinterest or Instagram. Recently tailwind has launched a new feature. Which is called tailwind create. Which allows you to make beautiful pins for your Instagram or Pinterest right from their platform. This is a super helps full to those who don't know, how to make a beautiful pin that brings traffic to any kind of business.

In tailwind create, you can upload your own image or search image and make a beautiful pin with a few clicks. In the free plan, you can only design 15 pins a month.

smart loops

The smart loop is the best feature in the tailwind. It is a resharing feature. You can choose your best performing pin and create a smart loop. Which will share with your Pinterest board, your community board again and again. So you can relax and focus🙀 on what you love to do most. If you don't know how to create a smart loop. They have a great video about the smart loop. You can find it in the Smart loop dashboard.

smart. bio

Smart. bio is like a landing page. It is a free feature. Where you can link your website URL and drive traffic from your Instagram or Pinterest. I👽 am also using these features to drive traffic from my woodworker profile.

3.content discovery

You are finding it hard to discover good content that your audiences love. Then Tailwind is here to help you. With it, you can easily discover the best content idea. Which your audiences love to read and share.


Analytics show you the best performing pin, board, and profile. so you can keep improving and growing traffic to your websites👆.

Thanks for reading.If you buy from here. I will earn a small commission thanks.

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