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Top 8 best social media management tools for your business.

 Top 8 best social media management tools for your business.

 Social media plays an important role in any kind of business. It doesn't matter either it is small or big. You want to find a client for business then you should be on social media platforms. Why you should be on social media because more than 2 billion people are using different kinds of apps in their daily life. Here is some ex: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, youtube, etc.  

It can be a little difficult to manage all your social media account. Like the best time to post, update your company information, and more. Which is time-consuming and slow. That why to run all your social media effectively you can use an automation tool. In the market, there are many tools that can make your work easy.

Automation can help you to understand more depth about your audiences, it can post automatically, or you can schedule for a future post. it also suggests you when to post on social media so you can reach maximum people that can be your future customers.

Here are the top 8 social media management tools. That can help your business.







7.Agora Pulse,




Buffer is the social media management platform that helps you to publish the post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. It is the longest-running publishing platform. Which used by top businesses, marketer because it helps you to reach more people that can be your customers in future. 

To use buffer is not hard. After you sign in. You can easily create a schedule for your post. Which can post directly to your Facebook page or group, Twitter, Instagram. Buffer has released the latest features which can help you to reply to your message directly on your Instagram.


There are 4 different plans. Which are as follows:

1.Free plans

1.3 social channels,

2.10 scheduled post

3.1 user

2.pros plan

1.$15 monthly

2.8 social channels

3.100 scheduled posts

4.1 user

3.Premium plans

1..$65 monthly

2.8 social channels

3.2000 schedule post

4.2 user

4.Business plans

1.$99 months

2.25 social channels

3.2000 scheduled post

4.6 users

Buffer gives you 14 days trails without a card required. So you can play with its features and if you think it is helpful you can upgrade.



Tailwind is known as a scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram. This is a good tool. If you are looking to grow your Pinterest or Instagram for your businesses. Pinterest is a different kind of platform like it is a mix between Instagram and google. 

 Many big marketers use tailwind to grow their Pinterest and Instagram followers. Because it allows you to post your pin at the best time to get maximum reach. It is easy to use. You just have to upload your image or video and schedule your post. If you don't have enough time to post regularly then you can use a smart loop feature. How it works. Well, you just have to choose, which is a popular pin and schedule in the smart loop. Which will continuously share your best pin with your board and other board members again and again. Results more traffic to your websites.

Even you don't know how to make an eyecatching pin then don't worry they just release creations tools. Which allows you to make a beautiful post for your Pinterest in a few click. It also suggests the best hashtags for your Instagram. The hashtag is very important if you want to grow your Instagram profile.

Price of tailwind

The price plan is $14 monthly. For this, you can upload up to 400 posts, analytics, smart scheduling etc.


Socialbee is a content distribution platform. It is a set it and forget it tool. This helps you to distribute your content to large audiences. Who are interested in similar topics. Its main feature is, it allows a user to add and share content on their social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest. google my business etc.

You have great content, wants to reach large audiences then this platform is for you. Socialbee is easy to use. After you log in, you can connect your Twitter or Facebook page and schedule your post. And it will share your content again and again on your social networks at the best time. Plus you can interact with relevant people directly on Twitter with your industry keywords. You can look at your competition followers. You can look who follow or unfollow you on Twitter. 


1.$19 monthly for Bootstrap
2.$39 monthly to accelerate
3.$79 monthly for pro

Their customers' support is amazing. You can try for 14 days trails without a card required.


Brand24 is a media monitoring tool. It is the best tool. If you are looking to promote your brand to new customers. You can easily follow a positive or negative comment on Twitter and respond to a dissatisfied customer immediately. You get instant alerts for the negative mention about your brand and engage with your customers before it's too late.

After you log in. You just have to type your industry keywords and you can see where your brand mentions like on Twitter, Facebook, podcast. blog, forum, youtube etc. There you can solve your customer's problem. who are facing problem with your product. Which is good news for your business. This can help you to get positive feedback. Means lots of customers. Brand24 has many features which can help you to grow your business like here are a few:

1.Hashtag monitoring

2.Trending hashtags

3.top public profiles

4.most influential sites

5.Location etc.


1.$49 for plus

2.$99 for premium

3.$199 for max

Big companies like Uber, intel, standard university, Zenmorph, time camp are using brand24 in their businesses. You can try Brand24 for free trials. You don't need a card.


Hootsuite's is the best social media marketing tool on the market. Which is used by big and small businesses. More than 15 million people use it daily in their business. Hootsuite is compatible with more than 35 social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest and more.

You can easily publish and schedule all your content across your social network with one click. The auto-scheduler can help you to get maximize engagement. All you have to do is upload your post and scheduler. It is easy to create an engaging post inside Hootsuite's like image editing, asset libraries and more. Which is good for your business. Which saves you huge time and money. So you can focus on other projects. To use Hootsuite is quick and easy. 

After you sign in. You can add your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter account. Inside you can find many helpful tools for your business like influencer research, numerous listening and social engagements and many more. It pulls all your social data and shows it into your dashboard. You can customizable by keywords or networks.

Some features of Hootsuite's are:

1.Creating and schedule posts

2.Manage all of your channels

3.Plan upcoming campaigns

4.Stay on top of incoming messages

5.Analyze your results

price plans are:

1.$19 for Professional

2.$99 for team plan

3.$599 for a business plan

You can try for 30 free trials without a card.

  6. Agora pulse

Agora pulse

Agora pulse is also a social management platform. With it you can create a schedule, report, responding, monitoring, all in one platform. You can customization your post and preview it inside agora. Like above, It also posts all your content to your social media at the best time so your content can reach wider audiences. Means more leads and sale to your business.


1.$79 for pro

2.$159 for premium

If you cannot effort another social management software then this can be great for you plus you will get 30 days of trials without a card. In these 30 days, you can explore all its feature and decided this software is fit to your business. You can schedule your content from your ios and andriod too. 


lconosquare is an Instagram marketing tool. This is great if you want to grow your Instagram account. Here you can publish an image, videoInstagram carousels and stories directly on Instagram and monitor, analyze your post. This tool is made especially for Instagram only but now it also supports different types of a social platform like Facebook, Twitter, 

You can upload an image directly from your dropbox or one drive account. And its feed helps you to see how your posts will look like on Instagram before you post. You can spy on your competitors about what is working for them, and what's not. Understand their performances metrics, use them to benchmark against your own account. you can track your brand mention on social media and jump straight to conversation with your audiences with one click.

Features are as follows:

1.Hashtag tracking

2.Custom feeds

3.competitor tracking

4.hashtag tacking

5.location and account tagging saved captions

6.hashtag suggestions.

The price is as follows:

1.$29 for pro

2.$59 for advanced

You can try it for 14 days of trials without the card.


Canva is the best graphic designing tool on the market. This tool is great for those who don't know anything about photoshop or any other designing software. Anyone can create a professional design in a few minutes without anyone help. You can create any kinds of designing like a logo, graphic design, logo animation, videos ads, websites template, Facebook, youtube cover sticker, job resume and many more.

To use canvas is very easy. You just have to log in and start creating a beautiful design for your business. It is a drag and drop tool. In a few minutes, you can create a professional-looking design. Even professional designer will not believe their eyes. You can choose their vast amount of template for your work. They have some free and paid features. If you are just beginners, you don't need paid tools, free is enough. You can upgrade anytime if you need advances features for your business.

You can get Canva for 30 days trials but it required your card. If you think it is not for you, you can cancel anytime but remember you need to cancel trials before 2 days end. otherwise, you can get charge.

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