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Shortly A.i review. Write content with the help of A.I.

                          Shortly A.i review


Shortly A.i is a writing and reading system that teaches one to write more like a human. It's is power by Gpt3 opens ai. It's structured in such a way to adapt and learn from your personal writing style and habits. The project is still in development and is currently on Kickstarter with an estimated release date of 2021.

Shortly A.i aims to provide students with the necessary skills for academic, professional, or social success by focusing on four key areas: grammar, vocabulary, word choice/contextual meaning, and analysis/comprehension (to be added at release). These four aspects are combined with the human-like approach of learning from your writing ability as well as who you write for can make this one of the greatest learning tools available today.

The goal of Shortly A.i is to make learning how to write compositionally more enjoyable and rewarding. It will enable students to not only understand and master how to write but also learn how to become better writers, a skill that is critical for success in life. Information used for the writing in Shortly A.i is based on research-based writing programs such as A.T.H., Strunk & White's Elements of Style, Elbow's Writing Well, and The Elements of Style.

While most current programs focus on teaching all the possible ways to expand and refine the skill of writing (however they are extremely inflexible). Soon A.i will fundamentally change how we learn and compose. As mentioned above, Shortly A.i is structured in such a way to adapt and learn from your personal writing style, goals/needs, and habits. It even tracks the data of who you write for so that the program can adjust accordingly and expand beyond what you write for on an everyday basis.

The specific goals of Shortly A.i are to Structuralize the way we learn and how we compose.* Provide students with better access to knowledge through a visual system. Help students unlock their inner writer. When writing for our own needs we tend to understand and express ourselves better but when writing to our audience, we often forget what words are appropriate to use or how to use the best (thus making communication less effective). 

Shortly A.i will help students understand themselves and their needs so that they can conquer the inner writer through understanding their language more intimately and why it may be best utilized for specific situations/needs. And thanks for reading this article. This whole article is written by A.I. Don't believe try yourself.

If you want to try you can try 3 days trails but a required card.

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