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11 Ways to Drive Sales for Your E-Commerce Site

11 Ways to Drive Sales for Your E-Commerce Site

For some, online shopping is a reflection of the modern lifestyle. With just an internet connection and phone in hand, you can find almost anything your heart desires from anywhere in the world. For others, this convenience has ruined traditional markets such as malls where people used to travel across town for their favourite brands or items only available there at that time of day. The e-commerce industry was worth $4 trillion dollars last year but experts predict it will grow up to 10 trillion by 2030 with over half coming from US sales alone!

The global economy moves fast nowadays, so much faster than what our parents were accustomed to before they had any idea about websites like Amazon Prime and eBay selling everything imaginable; however, we are still not adapting quickly enough because many have

11 Tips to Drive Sales for Your E-Commerce Site

To get online, the first thing to know is that you need a strategy. And if you can't really afford to hire a good web developer or graphic designer for your own eCommerce store, then you might want to look into platforms like Shopify, Alidropship BigCommerce or Woo Commerce, which allow people who are not developers themselves to build a store site with its own design and layout.

Here are the top 11 tactics to increase your online sale. They are as follows:

             1.Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping

Free shipping is a well-known and popular service that many of today's big retailers offer. This way, customers who are interested in your store can always come back to buy more products without any hassle about the cost of delivery or return transit timeframes. Free Shipping will attract potential new clients for your business which means that it'll also be increasing with every purchase they make on top of free returns!

  2.Offer Incentives for Purchasing in Bulk


When customers buy something in bulk you can offer them any kind of discounts for buying the product in bulk. You also want to be creative and think outside the box with your marketing strategies that could make it more appealing for a customer to purchase an item from you instead of another company. So always try new things, even if they seem like bad ideas at first because eventually, one might work out! This helps when trying to sell products as well since people are drawn into wanting what their friends have which is why creating unique and engaging content will help attract potential buyers.

       3.Offer Guaranteed Delivery Dates


If you want to make your e-commerce store more popular, there are a few things that can help. For instance: Make sure when offering shipping options that the customer’s order will arrive on time and in great condition as necessary for what they purchased; take feedback from customers about other services or products so you know how to improve them next time around. 

One thing that may be helpful is providing regional availability of some items based on where your customers live. You can offer the products with the particular ship from store rate so that you can get orders for a particular shipping address.

         4. Offer Loyalty Programs

Offer Loyalty Programs

If you're having a hard time finding the perfect gift, then drop-shipping might be just what you need! Dropshipping is where online store purchases and stocks goods for their client's customers. The product drops off at your house or business without ever being in transit with any carriers - all of that work done by someone else!

 What sets this apart from a traditional eCommerce site is how it allows people to buy products directly through social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Your friends can order items on your page exclusively which will give them access not only to exclusive deals but also quick delivery times right when they click "buy". 

       5.Offer Money-Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, many sites are providing you with an instant money-back guarantee and many customers buy from them as they love it when it comes to the money-back guarantee. A money-back guarantee is an easy way for customers to try your product and see if it meets their needs. If they are dissatisfied with the product, you can offer them a refund. It can also be an incentive for buyers to buy from you as opposed to your competitor since they know there is little risk in trying your product out. 

Offers like 30-day trial periods, free shipping, and price matching are other common ways of promoting customer satisfaction or incentivizing purchases that are related but not necessarily directly tied into guaranteeing satisfaction with an individual purchase.

                      6.Offer Discounts


With so many different retail stores popping up every day, you have to find a way of making your store stand out. A good idea is to offer discounts on the products that you sell and this will attract more people in no time! Giving customers an incentive like such can go a long way by attracting them into your store with low prices they won't be able to refuse. Make sure that you're offering deals daily for these visitors because if not then it would feel like there's nothing special about shopping at ___your____ (Company).

                     7.  Reputation


A reputation is the most important thing to your e-commerce store. It can attract potential customers from other platforms who will visit your site for more products and information on how you are different from competitors. So what should be done? Don't focus all of your attention on Amazon, but instead concentrate your time and energy building a good social media page or youtube channel by posting statuses or pictures, a video that piques people's interest in finding out about new things they may not know to exist yet. The social networking site has over 100 billion users!

   8.Provide a Range of Payment Methods


Payment, as we all know, is important to keep your customers satisfied. So many sellers provide both free and paid options for payments. Today, it's no secret that people are more inclined to buy when the payment process feels convenient - which is why so many e-commerce sites offer a variety of ways in which you can pay them! Some even have every single option on one site: cash on delivery or PayPal; credit card or bank transfer... there really isn't any limit!

     9.Offer Detailed Product Description

Product description

In order to be successful with your e-commerce site, you must use tools that will make product descriptions detailed and present the products accurately in front of buyers. There are many tools that can help you with a good products description with my click and one of them is conversion.ai.Where you have to put just keywords and it will write all products description in minutes. 

The good search feature allows customers to find what they are looking for on your website. In addition, adding images can also have an impactful effect as well - making sure each picture shows off the best aspects of whatever they're selling while including any other features or benefits frequently found within their industry (i.e., if it's clothing then showing people wearing different outfits).

                        10.Page speed.

Page speed

It's a question that many website owners ask, but don't answer. The truth is, it should be one of their top priorities. And for good reason too. You might not know this, but Google prioritizes page loading speeds heavily in its search engine results pages (SERPs). A slow site will see a huge dip in SERP rankings for the keywords that it is targeting as opposed to a fast loading site - which means less traffic and fewer people coming to your store!

               11.Email marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing is the means of sending promotional emails via email, typically for the purpose of generating leads or sales for a product or service. The following post provides basic information about email marketing and how it works. The first section discusses why companies use email marketing, including its cost-effectiveness and low level of customer contact. 

The second section explains what you should do before launching an email campaign, such as defining your target audience and coming up with a call to action. Lastly, there are tips that will help ensure your success after sending out an email campaign, such as tracking your results and optimizing future campaigns.

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