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Samcart review. My experience with SamCart platform.

             Samcart review?My experience with the SamCart platform.

Samcart review

SamCart is a one-page checkout system that makes the process much easier than other options out there. The interface on SamCart is simple and easy to use, so you don’t have to worry about struggling with your website when all you want to do is sell your digital or physical products. And if you sell subscription products online, you will find this feature very attractive.

All the checkout page templates on SamCart come with built-in testimonials, security reassurances, guarantees and various other trust elements designed to boost conversions. They are easy for you to customize based on your brand's style guide or needs while still maintaining a professional appearance that instils more confidence in consumers. 

You can easily create a product page for any of your items, upload images and videos, set prices in different currencies, and even offer discounts! It’s never been easier to start selling online. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with popular payment gateways like PayPal and stripe so customers can pay using their favourite method.

Samcart review

SamCart is suitable for your business?

SamCart is a user-friendly platform. It is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to sell things online. Here anyone can sell any type of product like from physical products to digital products, like online courses, online services, digital product and seminars. You can even sell services on your website using SamCart software! But as with any other shopping cart out there, it’s not ideal for everyone- depending on what you're selling: information goods (books), software, or membership types of items. You can read below to see which features would suit your needs best so you know whether SamCart's the right option for you.


Is SamCart Worth it?

SamCart is a powerful web-based checkout platform. that can integrate seamlessly with any product delivery, email marketing, membership sites, membership platforms, marketing automation, and tracking tool. It was created to help business owners improve their conversion rate. Samcart is used by many of the top brands to take care of their checkout pages for online shoppers. You can easily customize your samcart checkout pages. Which can help you to get more sales and leads.

One of the most important things for any business is marketing. And if you're a marketer, then Samcart's got your back! It has a split-testing feature that is designed to help you to boost your conversions. It makes sure to provide an easy and effective way to manage all aspects of online product promotion so that you can spend more time on other pressing matters rather than worrying about how many people are going through your site or what they're looking at when they do it.

Stop guessing and start testing with SamCart! The company will run A/B split test into your pages to optimize conversions, so you can find the best version of your marketing material for maximum profit. A/b split test is very important because due to a small mistake you can lose your potential customer. Which is not good news for your businesses.

So for example, if you sell $100 worth of courses on your website and use the standard checkout form. You would not be able to add an upsell but with SamCart’s UpSell option, customers can buy another product from you at a discounted price! Imagine what this could do for your business- it's like getting money back after they purchase something off their cart! These are a few examples of 1-page funnel sales capabilities.

A sales funnel is designed to take a goal, such as selling your latest e-book. Customers are led through the process by following an easy step at a time, from signing up for more information on what you have available all the way until they purchase it.

Samcart is a platform that has been around since 2014, and in these 7 years of success, they have also made their software available globally with 27 languages supported. They not only work to ensure flawless design but everything from A-Z goes smoothly by doing anything necessary.


Who is SamCart for?

Convenient setup and easy access make SAmCart suitable for big or small business owners looking to streamline their customer checkouts. These web-based products will offer cross-sells and up-sell opportunities for your product range. They will bring customers into new sales funnels and optimize the customer experience at every stage of their purchase. Its easy-to-use design makes it suitable for small businesses looking to increase conversion and improve sales growth. If you do something online then SamCart is for you. pricing page

Samcart legit?

Yes, SamCart is legit. It allows you to manage different accounts on the same website without any hassle. However, some users have complained that there are times when they cannot access their account or even log in because it freezes up all of a sudden. I think this could be due to compatibility issues with other plugins and software so if your business is operating on a small budget, then it might be best to go for something cheaper.

Why should you use SamCart?


There are plenty of reasons why you should use SamCart - we have listed just some below:

1. SamCart is easy to use, and with it, your customers can find all they need in just one page. SamCart lets you collect payments from PayPal and Stripe without having an additional plugin for these payment methods. SamCart offers you a fast, secure and reliable checkout process that will help your customers find everything they need in just one page of SamCart's interface.

2. Samcart also is really easy to use, the user interface is straightforward with no complex setup required. Samcart easily integrates with third-party systems like different kinds of emailing providers Active Campaign, Mailchimp, convert kit etc. which makes it a perfect choice for both new and experienced online marketers.

3.SamCart offers you the best checkout process by creating one page. Where customers can find everything they need in just one place - your website or store. This means that you don't have to create two separate interfaces for different types of products and services. SamCart provides full customization of the experience on the checkout page, and you can choose the payment methods you want to offer your customers.

4. SamCart also offers everything necessary for successful marketing campaigns, including a fast and reliable checkout process. Payment plans, subscriptions, and trials are among the flexible payment models that SamCart has.

5. SamCart is also mobile-friendly. So your customer can interact easily with their phone. It also supports multiple currencies and languages, so it's perfect for international users.

6. If you want to have the best cart system on the market that will be easy for your customers and produce beautiful checkout pages, then this is what you need. Along with 1-click upsells, order bumps, subscription plans and payments options it will maximize product profits while ensuring customer satisfaction!

Samcart has a lot of amazing features. Which can help you to increase sale but there are also some pros and cons. Which are as follows:

Samcart pros

1. Easy to use

SamCart is a one-stop shop for all your needs. Whether you're looking to buy some new products, or sell what's in the back of your closet and have an overstock item on hand - SamCart has got it covered! With their easy point-and stop shopping interface, browsing through items online becomes more enjoyable than ever before."

2. The Zapier integration allows us to get data from marketing tools and services so that we can make sure our campaign is part of a cohesive whole.

3.SamCart offers some of the most flexible payment models, including options for monthly plans and subscriptions. You can also try out SamCart before committing to a purchase, with their free trial option!

4. You don't need to be an expert in analytics to know that one-click upsells, Downsells and "bumps" are a quick way of boosting your revenue.

5. You have the capability to use coupons and discounts however you see fit.

6. You can control how you use your coupons is a great thing, but it can be difficult knowing where best to put them for maximum value. That's why they offer coupon customization based on store or product category so that you can decide what works best for you.

7.Samcart can help you not only make and sell the products. You also can invite an army of affiliates. Who will promote your products result in more revenue for you.

8. Email list

With Samcart you can build an email list. You just have to integrate samcart with different email services providers like MailChimp, GetResponse, Constant contact, drip etc. So you can promote your products in near future.

9. Samcart affiliate center:

In the affiliate center you can set up an affiliate program. You can easily set up your affiliate network and get affiliate marketers to promote your product. The best part is that it's all in one easy-to-use affiliate dashboard!

In the affiliate Dashboard section of your offer, you'll find a full overview of past payouts including earnings per click for each campaign as well as top-selling partners etc.

10. Samcart also offers hosting services, so you can purchase SamCart's software and have it hosted by Samcart which takes the work out of setting up your website and makes it easy to manage.

Samcart cons

1. Samcart don't aspect cryptocurrency for your products. It doesn't have Apple Pay either, which may be good or bad depending on your preference.

2.SamCart has a ton of payment models, but it only integrates with two big players: PayPal and Stripe.

3.SamCart, the shopping cart software for small businesses is a popular choice. However, it does not offer many design and customization options when compared to other similar programs in its price range.

4. You won’t be able to beat the features that SamCart offers, but they might not fit your budget. We recommend checking out ThriveCart if you want a more affordable solution and don't mind paying for their services all at once instead of monthly instalments.

5. To access important features, such as customizing the site for your brand, you must buy the more expensive plans.

pricing plans

Samcart costs are not that expensive like other products in the market. there is 3 pricing option. Which are as follows:

samcart review

1. Basic plan is $49 month:

$49 month here you can launch your own 1-page website to showcase your products and other feature like Unlimited Courses, Instant enrollment with SamCart, unlimited products, Ability to drip content, Built-in quizzes, Customizable worksheets, Unlimited downloads for students, Custom integration actions, Custom Domains.

2. Grow plan $99 monthly:

Same as basic but some changes are Completely White-Labeled, Custom Checkout Fields, Order Bump Collections, Post-Purchase Upsells, Multiple Payment Options,3 Admin Users, UTM Tracking & Marketing Reporting, customer management, Advanced Subscription Cancellations. A growth plan has all the features to launch your online business.

3. Scale plan is $199 monthly:

Everything we have including all the advanced features you will need for selling at scale.SamCart Onboarding,Customer Customer Self Cancellations,Admin User Roles,Admin User Roles,Cart Abandonment,Built-in AB Testing,Affiliate Center,Subscription Saver (Dunning),CRM Integrations, etc.

If you want to try. You can sign in for 14 days of free trials with a money-back guarantee. Yes, Samcart is not the cheap option but if you want to increase your business then this is perfect for you

Samcart features


SamCart has everything you need to get started. Samcart offers features such as:

1. A clean, intuitive interface with no complex setup is required whatsoever,

2. One-page checkout process that lets your customers find all they need in just one place - your website or store,

3. Full customisation of the checkout experience on the page and let you choose what payment methods you want to offer your customers. As of this writing, you can choose from over 18 templates that are tested for sales conversion, if you click on the checkout page design tab.

4. Samcart also supports multiple currencies and languages, so it can be used internationally by any customer.

5. One-page checkout is the best way to ensure speedy, efficient transactions for your customers. This feature makes it easy and convenient by allowing you to include multiple payment options on a single page - without having them bounce around from screen to screen

6. Affiliate centre.

In the affiliate centre feature where you can make your own affiliate program that allows others to promote your products for you. The affiliate should signups a page before they can promote your offers. Samcart will automatically create an affiliate signup page so other affiliate marketers can apply to you

7.SamCart's Affiliate Tracking

Samcart will save you lots of money. It will help you to pull your affiliate reports. data inside to your affiliate centre like from Facebook. You see how your ads are performing and get the best quality data better than Facebook provided to you. It will make you the better advertiser.

8. Samcart Support

SamCart offers support in all manners through emails, live chats and Facebook groups. They have also a flexible, user-friendly interface designed for beginners to navigate easily the product. SamCart has a massive Facebook group of over 24,000 members and has a support site that's happy to answer your questions. The company also provides a comprehensive database including videos and written posts to help you solve any type of potential problem you face. SamCart does not provide any direct support services to the team though they do offer phone support during the business hours (which are from 10 am to 5 pm EDT weekday).

How can I increase my sales?

SamCart wants to maximize the profits and here's where we want to dive right into just how much this tool could help you accomplish this goal. Coupons and offer promotions can be created by adding new products. The One-Click Upsellings are managed in another area of The Syllabus-based SamCart platform. The software is really pretty impressive but yet another time it's not as feature-rich as ThriveCart. The information dashboard is clear & easy to read with plenty of information for analysis. It also allows affiliates to attribute codes to coupon codes so they don't have to use one specific link.

One-Click Upsells

SamCart lets people make upsell products easy with upsell features. Your customers see they're upselling shortly after placing their order. So all your customer should do is. To make more offers when checking out. If you wait at checkout until someone finishes buying you will need several more sales procedures for them too. Your customers will need to: If you sell online you sometimes don't have opportunities to make offers during your checkout process.


SamCart has a collection section also in the editor. Collections are pre-designed layouts you may put on a website or site. All these can easily show or hide on desktop and mobile devices. If you created a winning design for reuse (which I recommend) you can save the design into the template. SamCart offers very different colours to choose from one of these colours to choose from. These each has the possibility of being seen or hidden on the desktop or mobile devices.

A/B split testing

A/B split testing is a research method that compares two versions of a product. It is an optimization technique that falls into the broader classification of conversion rate optimization. The name "split test" comes from the idea of dividing the traffic to an e-commerce website between two or more versions, or variants, of a web page to see which version performs better. The original motivations for A/B testing are based on making money by understanding how to improve conversion rates, but it has come to be used in many other fields to improve business outcomes. The setup process of a/b testing for your products is very easy. It only takes you few minutes.

Beautiful Checkout Designs

Shopify allows you to build appealing checkout pages to suit your requirements quickly. 38% of visitors are not interested in a website if the contents are not visually appealing. SamCart gives checkout templates great functionality to show physical products on a single website and accept all order details in a single place. SamCart offers split testing at your checkout designs in a few clicks so you get as much value from each visitor as possible at your checkout page. Samcart is also very customisable. You can: or create a checkout page template library for design options. Just look at the template library checkout page. Designs are possible.

Alternatives to Samcart

Samcart offers a free 14-day trial to the general public free of charge for any pricing type. ThriveCart is a shopping cart that has conversion boosting features. It can be sold to both physical retailers and Digital Shoppers. ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder. The costs can vary between $498 and $3999 a month. Other competitor software to look into includes, Samcart vs WooCommerce and Samcart vs Kajabi. Shopify is a complete e-commerce platform that you can use to do things like managing the stocks and categorizing. Find out more information at our SamCart versus Shopify article.

SamCart vs. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is yet another good software for creating effective checkout pages. It supports a range of payment processors, including PayPal and Stripe. It also is capable of supporting email marketing automation tools such as Infusionsoft Ontraport and NMI. Samcart competes with rivals because many systems include checkout functionality and others are not nearly as focused as Samcart is. I've included some detailed information about Clickfunnels vs. SamCart in this article. I wrote a similar Comparison blog post about Samcart's versus Shopify. Samcart should have hardly been considered in this comparison.

Q: Why Samcart? What sets SamCart apart from other cart software systems out there?

SamCart has a lot of valuable tools that make it an excellent tool to sell digital products and physical products or your services. It is designed to be extremely user-friendly and intuitive. SamCart is also extremely flexible, so you can design a cart that will work best for your business and brand.

Sam Cart has been built with responsive web design in mind to make sure it's accessible on all devices (large screen or small) which as more people shop via mobile devices becomes more important every day.SamCart is also really easy to use, so you can set up your Sam Cart website in just a few minutes.

Q: Samcart is really easy to use? How do I get started with SamCart?

Samcart makes starting an online store so much easier! When you purchase SamCart Premium, You can set up your website with their pre-made templates or you can customize Samcart to suit your needs. SamCart also offers a lot of one-on-one customer service and training to help you get set up and running. SamCart is also really easy to use, so it doesn't take long at all before your Samcart website will be ready for customers to start shopping!

Over the course of this blog, you have learned a lot about what SamCart can do for your online business. We hope we’ve given you enough information to decide if it would be right for you and your company. I am also working as a digital marketer for 3 years now and Samcart helped us to increase our revenue by 30% than before. You can sign up today and take advantage of all this platform has to offer!

No business professional is an island, and SamCart's mission statement reflects that. They are a true example of optimization-through-scaling in the most literal sense: they not only help companies with their boisterous ambitions but also provide them with all the necessary tools to get there--helping you make your big ideas come alive without breaking the bank!

Conclusion: SamCart is the multi-channel eCommerce solution you need if your business needs an all-in-one plugin that can handle various shopping cart accounts and membership sites as well! It has great features such as product quotes, advanced reports, abandoned cart recovery, and much more. You can also integrate it with various shopping carts such as Shopify and WooCommerce.It's free to try out and if it works well for your company you can easily upgrade as well. Get started with us today by clicking on the link below! If you buy through an affiliate link on my site, I may earn a small affiliate commission.

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