10 Ideas for Making Money as a Freelancer

 10 Ideas for Making Money as a Freelancer

There are many reasons why you might choose to work as a freelancer. Maybe you feel tied down at your current job, or maybe you’re unhappy with the way your boss treats you. Or maybe you just want to set your own schedule, so that you can attend your child’s soccer games whenever they happen to be scheduled on the weekends. Whatever the reason, there are numerous ways that you can make money as a freelancer. Here are 10 ideas to get you started in your quest to become the next freelance success story.

1) Turn your hobby into your job

Turn your hobby into your job

You probably already have some experience in your passion, so you know that there is an audience out there who will love to pay you to do what you love. You might be surprised how many companies need writers, artists, photographers, and other creative types for their marketing materials. If writing about your favourite board game isn’t lucrative enough to make ends meet (for example), then why not consider starting a podcast or online show? 

Let your audience know that they can hire you to make short films, edit photos, design logos—all of these skills come in handy when starting a freelance business. Most important: Take advantage of every opportunity that comes along; it never hurts to send someone an email explaining why they should pay you instead of doing something themselves!

2) Flipping items on eBay


Many beginners to online marketing start with eBay. They find it’s an easy, low-cost way to sell unwanted items (like old clothes and toys) in exchange for goods that are easy to store (like paper goods and food). You can set up an eBay store, but you could also just sell directly on eBay. Either way, no fees will be charged against your merchandise total until your first buyer purchases an item from you, says Schulman. After that? It depends on which option you choose. 

If you go with final value fees, your fees won’t count toward your money because they already take them out at checkout — before they even get to make money off of you. If you go with insertion fees, then insertion is free but any time after that means they take anywhere between 4% and 10% of your final price per transaction.

3) Packing and shipping products


If you are handy, then you can make money by making and selling items to people in your community. If you don’t live near family or friends, then consider other options. Look at local classified ads in your area to find out what kinds of products people sell. You could also ask family and friends if they know of anyone who would be willing to hire someone like you. 

Another option is sharing a garage or storage space with someone who is already doing work similar to yours. This will help spread out costs and keep everything organized for both of you. When looking into these two types of opportunities, check around and make sure that there aren’t many others nearby who are selling identical items. If there is already competition where you live, try starting online instead. 

When deciding which business idea you want to pursue, choose something that isn’t competitive yet—but does have a lot of potential customers/clients.

4) Content writing and blogging


Content writing is one of the most widely used forms of freelancing because you can do it at your own pace from anywhere. If you have experience writing in different formats, be sure to add them to your list of skills. Some common types include: Technical, Resumes and cover letters, Marketing, Website content  Press releases, Social media updates Article writing: Get paid to write articles online by submitting them to sites like InfoBarrel, ContentGems, 24-7PressRelease and others. These sites don’t pay much—typically around $10 per published piece—but they are considered exposure rather than income since they’re published on someone else’s site.

5) Freelance proofreading

Freelance proofreading

Proofreading and copyediting are viable freelance options if you’re fluent in written English and good at editing grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation and style. Your clients will be individuals or small businesses that need help with things like e-book creation or flyer development. 

And these skills are pretty easy to get—just proofread an e-book or flyer one time, then do it again on your own (with friends and family), then look for places where you can publish your work in exchange for goods (e.g., design a flyer that promotes your business). There are no set salaries because proofreading services are provided on a per-project basis, but once you develop some experience you should be able to charge $15-$25 per hour.

6) Advertising on social media sites


A great way to earn some cash from home is by creating an account on Twitter, Facebook, or Google. These are all legitimate websites that will pay you to create ads based on their website content. The amount you make will depend on how well your ad converts. Creating these ads will involve some technical knowledge and once again, researching how to do it right can help you earn more money with less effort. 

Your personal information won’t be disclosed to third parties without your consent so don’t worry about giving up any privacy! The best part – these sites also pay you if someone clicks on your ad and buys something. In addition to paid advertising, you can also promote various brands and products through affiliate marketing which doesn’t require much work either because there is no limit to what they can offer. 

You just need to choose a product/brand and then create compelling posts to link back to them. Keep in mind that both social media sites need pictures of yourself; definitely not something professional but rather casual pictures (i.e., selfies) should suffice unless they want actual models in their products- whatever floats your boat really.

7) Designing graphics or logos


People who have always dreamed of starting their own company but don’t know where to begin can build on existing skills. If you have experience creating logos, web design, advertisements or social media graphics, start with those types of projects and grow your portfolio. Most graphics work is done via freelancing websites like Fiverr and People Per Hour, which makes it easy to set your own schedule. Once you’ve built up some connections, do what many designers do: Start building a brand around yourself and become known for creating quality designs at competitive prices. You might even be able to convince current or former employers to refer business your way once they see what you can do outside of your normal role. Other businesses may come directly to you once they see your work online.

8) Doing data entry from home

data entry

Data entry is an example of one of those jobs that are often derided but can be legitimately used to make money from home. Data entry positions are often in high demand and there’s never enough work available for every person in need of employment. It’s easy to find work online by googling data entry or transcription, and it doesn’t take many hours per week to earn some extra cash if you need it. If you have consistent access to your computer (perhaps at a public library), then there are more opportunities on Upwork, Hubstaff Talent, and other sites where people need proofreaders or transcribers—you simply create an account and start going through messages, entering data as needed.

9) dog walking or pet sitting

dog walking

For many people, pets are members of their families. And though there’s no one-size-fits-all way to make money with pets, you can start small and do it in your own time and on your own terms. Dog walking is one of the most obvious side hustles; if you’re already taking your dog for an early morning or late night stroll around town, why not add on some extra work with clients? Or maybe there are specific hours that are more convenient than others for pet care—make those hours part of your business! Pet sitting is another service that allows you to set your own schedule. But be sure to check local regulations regarding where you can and cannot take care of animals.

10) Teaching others about your expertise


You know your profession, and you’re talented at it—so why not teach others? Though teaching something online is probably less lucrative than giving seminars or workshops in person, many people can still make decent money by offering what they know to others online. Think about it: if you're a skilled web developer or graphic designer with work you’re proud of, why not share that knowledge with others on something like Udemy? You could earn just enough to cover hosting costs while helping people in one of their most important areas of growth. How great would that feel? Have a question or idea you want us to feature? Tell us!

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